"Home grown talent! It sounded wonderful!” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2


"Proper country music delivered with style. The album opener "Monster Song" is quite simply one of the best country songs that this reviewer has heard in many a year. With apologies to Jon Landau, "I saw country future" - the question is does country know it? Superb album. ” Americana UK,  

"One of the most crowdpleasing acts" Bruce Dessau, Beyond the Joke


"Startlingly honest country. Not many artists are quite that open at just where they are at. Its honest and its all the better for it. Undoubtedly a name is watch on the UK americana scene” Ralph McClean, BBC Radio Ultser 

"Simon Stanley Ward, an old-school country singer at heart. His eponymous debut honks and tonks in a way that fits both bird-wire covered roadhouse stages and the hipster bars of Hackney!" - Q Magazine, Andy Fyfe

"Excellent, hilarious and lovely" -  Rat Pack Comedy, Camden Comedy Club 

"Now people are starting to pay attention! A unique voice." - Baylen Leonard - Amazing Radio 

"Hefty praise is fully warranted on Simon Stanley Ward for channelling his style, acumen and heart into a record which resonates with acres of impressive effect. The challenge is now to raise the profile and show a wider market that a sincere brand of high quality and intelligent country music is bubbling under within the UK’s vibrant indie scene."  Three Chords and the Truth

"He shines on the dead slow Another Page. It really is a terrific country song. Its reassuring to find a Brit doing their own thing and presenting something far removed for the Nashville hit machine.” Country Music People

“The most honest lyrics your gonna hear." Guilded Palace Radio 

"Cliché free honky-tock from the east London heartlands...The real deal!" Radio Reverb 

"a highly authentic mixture of Country and Americana" - Blues Matters


"If we needed any further proof of the country 'credentials' then look no further than the excellent 'Behind Closed Doors'" - Northern Sky Magazine


"Honest, English Americana. He's a man with the talent to pull it off" - FATEA Magazine


"In an industry that is perpetually racing to find the next band of the moment or the newest musical genre, Stanley Ward is a welcome distraction" - Camden Store


"his voice is wonderfully distinctive" - Dogfishtrombone Promotions


"Simon Stanley Ward is a genuine article" - We Write Lists


"These six songs penned by Ward are really good, the musical arrangements utilising fiddle, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, bass and drums are pure country" - Maverick Magazine