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Who is Simon Stanley Ward?

Although only 26 years old, Simon Stanley Ward has been performing ruthlessly for the last 10 years. His music is constantly evolving as Simon continues to experiment and develop as a songwriter and performer. 

From the age of 15 Simon was the lead singer for over 6 years with the country rock band Black Bart. This hard working 4 piece band toured the country and played in many festivals releasing 2 E.P's and a self titled album. 

Simon has since moved to London bringing his own personal unique blend of Country, Americana and occasional humorous Folk songs to the capital. 

Last year Stanley Ward released his first solo E.P titled "Myself to Blame" and has been a regular fixture on London's growing Americana scene. 

In the summer of 2011 Simon took his solo show over to the US where he played gigs in Nashville and the surrounding area of Tennessee. 

2013 sees Simon set to release his first solo album as well as continuing to gig relentlessly across London and the UK with shows planned for Spain towards the end of the year.