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Rocket in the Desert

RELEASE DATE: 22.02.24


We really appreciate your interest and we hope you enjoy listening to our new album.


If you would like a physical CD we are very happy to post it to you on request.


We love Geoff and we loved making music with him. 2023 marked the tenth year of our band, The Shadows of Doubt. Geoff was a wonderful musician and a wonderful friend to us all and we will always be grateful for the time we spent together. All the rehearsals, the gigs, the arrangements, the chats in the car, the burgers, all the plans, the pre show last minute chats. The whole lot and everything in between. He was a kind and talented man who believed in art and fairness. He was our bass player. Dr G on the Fender P.


This album was recorded under very emotional and extraordinary circumstances. It all happened very quickly. In February 2023 we were playing a full set at a packed, sweaty Betsey Trotwood in central London. We were tight, the sound was good, we really went for it for this show, we played some new tracks, we gave it our all. Tragically, just a few weeks later Geoff informed us that things were moving much faster with his illness. Now an inpatient at a local NHS hospice, he told us in the remaining few weeks of his life, he had set a goal of recording 8 songs for our next album. This will forever be our honour and privilege that Geoff wanted to do this in the situation he found himself in.

Image from iOS (32).jpg

Geoff at our last show at The Betsey Trotwood


We set about finding studios in Norwich where Geoff lived. We contacted everyone we could find. The first person to call us back was Gavin from Catch 21 Studio. I think the biggest stroke of luck was us meeting Gavin; an incredibly professional, talented sound engineer who totally got the situation immediately and gave himself wholeheartedly to the project. In order for this recording to happen, it took a lot of organisation and we would like to give our deepest thanks to Geoff's wife Sue, Geoff’s sons Richard and Joe and the medical team at the hospice; Priscilla Bacon Lodge who were so supportive throughout.


The first 8 tracks on the album were recorded in 2 days. On the Saturday morning we met Gavin at his studio at 9am. Gavin rolled in, fresh from being on tour, having been up all night driving from northern England. Pro plus and black coffee. "Let's make an album!” he said as he put on his headphones.


By 10am we were set up, and as a 3 piece band we recorded the 8 songs. We played each song twice and chose the best one. By 11.30am we had finished. A few backing vocal overdubs later and we were in a taxi heading to see Geoff at the hospice with the recordings hot of the press. Geoff met us in the dayroom. He looked determined and in the zone. Under all the unworldly circumstances, somehow there was a trace of normality. This was us talking shop. Another day at the office. Making our music. Making our album. We were talking tempos, basslines, arrangements. Geoff was a working musician and he was in work mode. Gavin had a great mobile set up and Geoff with headphones, bass guitar and his eldest son, Richard by his side, added his bass lines to the recordings we had made earlier that day. The hard drive was literally still hot from the session just a few hours before. This was as close we could possibly get to playing together one last time. Geoff, put a lot of thought to his work on these songs and was determined to lay it down.

Taking a bow and pointing to the stars at our last show 

Incredibly, fighting through pain and exhaustion, Geoff did it. He had to be tough and brave to do it. He had achieved his goal and had given us something extraordinary. By the next day, he had all 8 songs in the can. Gavin did a beautiful mix down to 1/4 inch tape and then

there it was, complete. It sounded like us playing live. This was us and we were so happy that Geoff could hear the results.


That weekend was the last time we saw Geoff.


A few months after Geoff's funeral we made plans with Richard to come and play on the last 2 tracks on the album. This was an idea Geoff had suggested to us before he died and we were so happy that Richard was up for it. We recorded them in London with producer, Sean Read at his studio in Hackney. Sean is a wonderful musician and engineer who gave us time to play around with the tracks on the day, and jam with Richard. This was the first time he had played with us and he did an incredible job playing his dad’s bass. It was a great session and a lovely day. The last 2 tracks of course sound very different than the first 8 from the live session with Geoff, which we have kept raw and live as they sounded in that final session. Having Richard on the album is very special and we know would have made Geoff very proud.


We are so happy to have been part of Geoff’s life. It was a very fun part! A happy place. On this album you will hear us all together. Full of energy. The sound waves will travel out into the great beyond forever and that is, as Geoff always used to say, outtasight.


Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy listening to it!




At Sean Read's Famous Time Studio i

n Hackney with Richard Easeman


With producer and engineer Gavin Bower's at 

The Priscilla Bacon Lodge Hospice

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At The Green Note Camden

Heading back to London after a show in Oxford

Shadows of Doubt Shadows


I'm a Worrier

This Ain't It

This song is about living with anxiety.

This song is about writing songs.

Always thinking of the worst, I’m a worrier

Give me a bubble and I’ll make it burst, I’m a worrier

Have you had enough to eat?

Are you feeling okay?

If you're not enjoying this

Then you don't have to stay 

It's hard to keep hungry wolves at bay 

I'm a worrier

Looking health issues up on the internet, I'm a worrier

If you look for the worst then that’s what you’ll get, I’m worrier

Did I say it all wrong?

Did I cause offence? 

I can fend off reason and common sense 

My stomachs in knots and my shoulders are tense  

Cos I’m a worrier  


Take a look does that look normal to you? I’m a worrier 

Cos I know better than the experts do, I'm a worrier 

It’s getting really late 

And your not home

I can only get through to your answerphone 

Somethings never leave you alone

I’m a worrier 

I trained up in the mountains by a river or tears 

A dedicated scholar in fabricating fears

Sitting in there in silence and raking the ground 

Whatever you throw at me, I can turn it around 


Our Solar Systems got an asteroid belt, I'm a worrier 

Am I making the most of these cards I’ve been dealt, I’m a worrier 

Did you hear that noise? 

Did I lock the door?

I can't sleep and it's almost four

I think its getting worse than it was before 

I’m a worrier 

All we need is a hit record

One song to get that break

And it must be put there somewhere

We're gonna do whatever it takes

And our lives are gonna change when we write it

All the money will all roll in

We'll get a million view on YouTube

Yeah this time we're gonna win

But This Ain't It

This Ain't It

Surely you can tell this one ain't gonna sell

This Ain't It


It's gonna tear up all the airwaves

It's gonna get right under your skin

It's gonna take you by the hand and show you the way

To a place that you've never been 

It will sound fresh and new and yet familiar

It will feel so close to home

It'll be so full of surprise even the dead's gonna rise

It's gonna role away that stone

But This Ain't It

This Ain't It

Surely that is clear this one ain't even near

This Ain't It

Oh it's gonna be an absolute belter

Maybe our number one hit?

The love will shine on through, that's what it's gonna do

But I tell you, This Ain't It

I was standing where the land meets the ocean

Underneath the endless midnight sky

I saw the ancient stars burning above us

With their light that forgot to die

And then I reached down into my pocket

Took out my phone to write a line or two

Then I turned into a song that I thought was pretty strong

And one day I'm gonna sing it for you

But This Ain't It

This Ain't It

This ain't the one this is just some bubble-gum

This Ain't It

Everybody's gonna be up dancing

Everybody will have to admit

What a relief it'll be when it comes to me

But I tell you, This Ain't It


Rocket in the Desert


The session at Gavin Bowers's Catch 21 Studio in Norwich

This song is about a friend called Tony.
In lockdown I wrote songs for friends and this one made it onto this album.

This song is about how very rarely, when the conditions are correct, rocket (the salad) grows in the Sahara and camels come from miles around to eat it. It is also about creativity in unusal places.

You always look so good yeah you look so fine

Walking with a duck umbrella by your side

Rings on your fingers, sparkling eyes

Riding on the night bus, N63

Tony, Tony

Oh I'm thinking of you tonight and how you hug me so tight

Yeah one time you bruised my ribs


Let's talk about Biba, let's talk about Les Cousin

Let's talk about Woodstock, let's talk about Primrose Hill

Carly Simon and the Betsey on a Whitstable Bay

Warm Leatherette

Come on now people smile on your sister and brother

Everybody get together let's try to love one another 

Tony, Tony

You know it won't be that long, until we all hear your song

You make us feel like it's all worthwhile


Autumn leave are falling and I'm thinking about Georgia O'Keefe

Bare bones in the desert, painting above the clouds

We met North of the river by Blackfriars bridge

Looking forward to another Midsummer's Night Dream with you

Tony, Tony

Je ne parle pas français, je pense que tu aimerais

Je pren ce petite peu pour toi

Rough Translation is ' I don't speak French but I learnt this little bit for you'



New Years Eve

Would you believe

Desert plains by Erg Chigaga

One week a year 

It may appear

Camels come from near and far

Rocket in the Desert

Moisture-less  air

Dunes everywhere

Rain heading South from Zagora

Oh the arid ground

Salad abound

Green field in the Sahara

Rocket in the Desert

Didn't think I would find you here

With nothing to loose and nothing to fear

The sun is high and no rivers flow

You never gave up and you found a way to grow


Performing at Come Down and Meet & Meet the Folks, Clerkenwell

Bigfoot Baby

Designated Driver

This song is about Bigfoot. The song featured in a one man show I wrote for the Camden Fringe in 2021 called "How I Found and Captured Bigfoot During Lockdown"which was performed for one week at The Etcetera Theatre in Camden. 

This song is for the non-drinking heroes who get us home safe.

Well as I went walking in the wood one day

I saw a hairy tall creature standing in my way

I saw the Bigfoot Baby (Bigfoot Baby)

The Bigfoot Baby (Bigfoot Baby)

I saw the Bigfoot Baby walking next to me

He was eight foot tall and unbelievably

He was standed on two feet bi-pedally

I saw the Bigfoot Baby (Bigfoot Baby)

The Bigfoot Baby (Bigfoot Baby)

I saw the Bigfoot Baby standing next to me

It goes  by many names

The Sasquatch, the Almasty, the Orang Pendek

The Wingago, the Boogyman and the Great Yowie

The Abominable Snowman and the Florida Skunk Ape

The Wildman and the Woodwose and the Big Yeti

Well a lot of folk will tell you that it ain't real

But try saying that out loud when you're gonna be its next meal

I saw the Bigfoot Baby (Bigfoot Baby)

The Bigfoot Baby (Bigfoot Baby)

I saw the Bigfoot Baby screaming next to me

It goes  by many names

The Sasquatch, the Almasty, the Orang Pendek

The Wingago, the Boogyman and the Great Yowie

The Abominable Snowman and the Florida Skunk Ape

The Wildman and the Woodwose and the Big Yeti

Well I first read about you when I was only eleven

I saw the footage of you they got from 1967

I fell in love with the Bigfoot Baby (Bigfoot Baby)

The Bigfoot Baby (Bigfoot Baby)

I fell in love with the Bigfoot Baby, you were taking hold of me

I’ve got keys in my pocket

I’m not drinking tonight

Gonna have a lime and soda

Coca Cola or Sprite

Everyone’s intoxicated but I don’t feel alone

Cos the the music stops and party dies

I’m gonna take you home


I’m the designated driver

On the highway of love

Everybody’s talking loudly

And getting really close to me

Time is going slowly

But I know what I’ve got to be

I’m in total control, you’re in a drunken paradise

But you don’t have to thank me

Cos this ain’t no sacrifice


I’m the designated driver 

On the highway of love

I’m mad enough without it 

And I’ll stick it out to the end

There’ll silver moonlight on the river

Waterloo Bridge at 2am

My stamina is outrageous, I’m here for the long stay

I’m well under the limit

In line with the DVLA

I’m the designated driver 

On the highway of love


Minne and Adam

They are both movie stars

The drove themselves to an Oscar's party

But they only took one car

Minnie said to Adam 

“I've got this, this is on me

Besides there's something behind the bar

and it' is alcohol free"


I’ll be the designated Driver 

On the highway of love


This song is about gardening.

Terpsichorean Footwear

This song is about being brave and putting on your dancing shoes.

It's getting light outside

Oh this night can't last forever

And this might be the last time

Cos it's not that often we are together

No more standing at the back

While others have their fun

Too many years of wondering what I could have begun

I'll put on my Terpsichorean Footwear

You may laugh baby, I don't care

I've got my Terpsichorean Footwear

The competitions steep

But baby I've got the fever today

It's time to stand up

And start this long overdue courtship display

Like the antelope

On the African plain

I'm gonna move my feet and drive you insane

I'll put on my Terpsichorean Footwear

You may laugh baby, I don't care

I've got my Terpsichorean Footwear

Long words you've gotta look them up

Unless you already know then

I've got my Terpsichorean Footwear

Yeah yeah yeah

I've got sticky fingers baby, been out for hours

Clearing up the mess from yesterday's flowers

It's the price you pay for a fruit for bloom

If you wanna smell the roses, then you gotta make room

Making space for tomorrow petals waiting in the wings

When it's just you and me, I forget everything

Some already fallen laying on the floor,

But there's always room for a little bit more deadhead



Out with the old and in with the new

You gave me everything you had and I thank you

I'm 36 years old and I used to be hip

But now I worry about when my old buds need a snip

The more you look the more you see

Sometimes I feel like some kind of bee

One minute you were there and next year gone

Oh no, that was a new one



Sue hear my voice my flower song

Sometimes I feel like Monty done

I saw him on the TV; he's got curly hair, he's got some dogs

Hear the gift of life, give it one more chance

Keep the door open for one last dance

I'm talking about basic garden maintenance


Don't Go to Seed

Don't Go to Seed

Don't Go to Seed

Don't Go to Seed

Get your knees down in the mud

Shadows of Doubt nip it in the bud



'Dr G on the Fender P' it at Maverick Festival

When September Comes

This song is about the first lockdown. At this time, September was often spoken about as a time to aim for when things might improve and we could see loved ones again.

Loving You

This song is about eternal love. It is the only song on the album written after Geoff died. All other tracks were written before we knew Geoff was unwell. I was lucky enough to become a dad at the end of 2022. This song is a reflection on this time.

Well I just cannot wait to see you

It's been much longer than I can bear

I'm sitting here in the Springtime

And your sitting out of reach over there

But the temperature keeps on rising

And we'll be together again

When the leaves start falling

I'm gonna start calling

When September Comes

The sun is warm but it just feels so cold here

The days are endless and they all feel the same

The summer is a mountain between us

And tomorrow just a flickering flame

But there are taps that keep on dripping

No matter how tight you try to turn them off

I've been there before I swear

Gonna do all I can to make it there

When September Comes

The humidity keep on rising

The sun is getting higher in the sky

And the swallows from the South they are returning

And the canal shines like crystal in my eye

So hold on cos it cannot be much longer

Hold on like you've never before

The morning is hazy and unclear now 

Abd the future just some mutant distant shore

But there's a tango up in heaven

And like clockwork the seasons come again

Everything is gonna start flowing

Who knows where we'll be going

When September Comes

I don’t know what tomorrow going to bring

My crystal ball is empty and I can’t see a thing

Time is a stranger and grabs you by the hand

Drags you kicking and screaming across the shifting sands


But sure as dogs will bark and birds will fly

The night is dark and the desert is dry

Sure as the ocean is deep and the sky is blue

This time tomorrow I’ll be Loving You


Leaves will fall and seeds and will grow

Planets turn, rivers flow 

I know you cannot forever be with me

Cos a ship is safe in the harbour but it’s built for the sea 


But sure as dogs will bark and birds will fly

The night is dark and the desert is dry

Sure as the ocean is deep and the sky is blue

This time tomorrow I’ll be Loving You

Big sun dipping under the horizon

Shadows fade to darkness as it slips away

But in that same moment somewhere that sun is rising 

Streaming across the land to start a brand new day

Everything changed in that moment when I first saw you

Something deep inside shifted, it was like I had been split in two

There's a Supernova up there in the midnight sky

It took a billion years to put a twinkle in your eye

But sure as dogs will bark and birds will fly

The night is dark and the desert is dry

Sure as the ocean is deep and the sky is blue

This time tomorrow I’ll be Loving You


Post gig shot with original Shadow of Doubt and great friend Ty Watling


On stage at the Upstart Crow Festival in East London


Here are links for BIO and previous PRESS

  • Simon has performed 4 tours in Northern Spain between 2017 and 2020 and played gigs in Nashville TN

  • Simon and band have performed at festivals such as Maverick Festival, Truck Festival, Bestival, Upstart Crow Festival

  • Simon currently hosts a multi genre community led music night called Tottenham Sounds at The Trampery on Tottenham High Road

  • Simon and the band record Rocket in the Desert March 2023

  • Geoff's eldest son Richard Easeman will be be playing bass for the album launch show in Hackney on 22.02.24



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(I am not very good at social media but trying to improve!)

The album launch show is at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney on Thursday 22nd February.
If you would be interested in coming to the show please let us know and we will add you free
of charge to the guest list.

Thanks again and we wish you all the best

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